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10 June 2007 @ 01:53 am
Opening Statements  
Somewhere out there...

The pieces of the setting are in place; A Celestial Court has been convened, Witnesses have been brought, Evidence has been gathered. Today marks the beginning of the Future, and I am proud to play my part in it. Today begins the Trial of Humanity, and I am it's Accuser.

"I am Ronan, Supreme Accuser of the Kree Imperial Court." For today it is time for the beginning arguments, the start of any trial hinges upon making the jury believe that what you have to place before them proves the guilt of your accused, I have long held a distinction of being able to do just that, having never lost a trial. "We face an unusual tria, most civilized society would simply invade an opposing species, commence with War, but the Humans have ... a higher power on their side, one that wishes to find a peaceful solution to all of this."

To my right, the 'Defense', in my time in the courts I have never seen a less worthy opponent. Standing there with his long white braided hair, a patch of dwarven iron covering his lost eye, and drinking booze straight from a cup while official proceedings are underway. If this is Humanity's defense, then surely I will prevail as always before. In the field of battle Odin is a God, but in the Court Room, only I have the power? The power is mine.

Before me are the Judges, and the Jury. There is no 'jury of piers' for that is a wasted human concept. There is a trio of the beings who are considered the basic fundamentals of the cosmos; The Living Tribunal, a being of immense power but with his own three sided natured he is empowered with the ability to rule judgments over the balance for all of the multiverse; Eternity, said to be the living embodiment of the very universe itself; The Beyonder, very little is known of him beyond his thirst for knowledge. It is these three that I must convince of Humanities guilt. Some would consider this a challenge.

I have already planned my victory celebration.

"The charges placed against humanity are base, and impossibly easy to prove, but none the less it is my esteemed opponents view that Humanity has done nothing more than Survive against all other odds. I ask you, does this fight for survival give humanity the right to Damn All Others? Does this give them the right to release the Scourge of the Galaxy upon us all? It is my belief that these humans have plotted, prepared, and staged all of these events to appear innocent, while secretly planning to take over the Universe." The 'court' has a sudden intake of breathe as I speak, no one can stop the stark gasps of the accusations. I have them in the palm of my hand. "They systematically plotted the break downs of the multiverse barriers, releasing the psychotic Nightmare onto their world, and into our universe."

"They have released the Scourge of the Universe, the Dark Phoenix, from it's Prison. Unleashing it into the Cosmos to rampantly run destruction, and scour innocent life out of the Stars! This release... lead to the first step in the fiendish plans! As their unholy pact with Gal Ak Tus, was a prelude to War. Their deal with the Phoenix for it's release... was for the Phoenix to lead Gal Ak Tus on a campaign of destruction. Feed the World Eater worlds of prime choice, weaken the defenses of their galactic rivals...empowering them to easy victories!" Outrage and Defiance from the courtroom suddenly overtakes me, and I am forced to stand down...and smile, while order is re-established. My words charging the mixed viewers of the Court with emotions and fear. "Further evidence by their harboring of Fugitives from the very cultures they will soon seek to destroy, and bring to heal! "

When I look toward Odin, who's on what must be his twentieth flagon of mead, I know that this drunken wretch stands no chance. I have already won. "These humans play with reality itself, setting off ripples in a pond through out the universe with their toying. They don't like their world, they don't like the circumstances they have brought upon themselves... so they simply try to 'Reboot' their world. Setting of untold chain reactions... the likes of which, forgive me .. but the likes of which bring about the very creation of one of our esteemed Judges without any consequence to their own!"

With those words I have navigated through the opening statements. Laying forth the bevy of humanities galactic failures. With each passing moment I am assured of my victory. It is then to my sheer surprise when the crooning old drunk rises for his own opening statements, amidst his belching and sundry of other 'ungodly' mannerisms. He spins a fabulous yarn, apparently these Asgardians are born to tell tales, and boast of the achievements of others. So overblown and fanciful are his opening statements that I am nearly asleep against my Hammer, and would have missed his proposition to the Court.

"I object! A Trial by Fire? What madness is this?! We live in a civilized universe, these human insects are guilty...!" But by then I realize that I have under-estimated this drunken dullard. A Trial by Fire, a test of Humanities Strengths and Weaknesses. Tests of their Humility, Ethics, and Moral Fibre?

It is only through my own cunning and fortitude that I am able to argue for equal rights in this 'Trial by Fire'. "So be it! A series of tests then. I am certain of their guilt, their greed, their selfishness in their desire to put their own survival above the rest of the universe."

Odin and I shall conduct a series of tests, to produce living evidence for the Court. For each test that Odin conducts to prove their worth, I may conduct one of my own. The 'Human Witnesses' will be chosen at random. Their testimony will be given in their actions within our 'tests'. The bitterness of my setbacks here today will not stop me from attaining the one thing I have never been denied; Victory. Humanity will Die.
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