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12 June 2007 @ 06:56 am
A Massacre.

What had happened as they were leaving Breakworld was an outright massacre. But it wasn't like there was any other choice, was there? It was survival. Kill or be killed. And quite frankly, Jubilee had been tired of being the personal chew toy for some of the most sadistic people most people could encounter in a given day. But how do you deal with something like that?

You go numb.

You go numb and resolve to do what you have to in order to not be the one who ends up getting slaughtered. To have that right to live and live life to its fullest. Sometimes there really is no other way around it. Did it make her a bad person? To want to survive, to want to thrive and be strong, no matter what it took? She wasn't sure. She really wasn't. And it wasn't as if she could talk to the few people that she did know. Tabor, maybe. But, talking to Tyler was going to be a no-go. She knew how strongly he felt about being heroic, and taking that approach.

So for the moment, there really wasn't much else to do - outside of trying to be helpful, but hurry up and wait. Maybe by the time they hit that planet for supplies, she'd have better answers.