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28 June 2007 @ 08:14 pm
Walking Into Walls  
Muir Island was home - and the people there were for the most part family. A dysfunctional family perhaps, but family nonetheless. For mutants seeking a place in which to develop a command of their talents so as to be of some use to society, it was an ideal environment. That is unless you happened to be a telepath. Muir's harsh climate seemed to extend to telepaths for varying, understandable reasons. But for the few telepaths who actually remained on the Island, it was a source of much frustration - particularly so for Xi'an Coy Manh.

Xi'an's Uncle, General Coy - had assured she and her brother Tranh that if they enlisted in the services of the North Korean government, if they left Vietnam, their family would be provided transportation to the states where they could begin a new life, a better life. This was something which Xi'an had wanted for her younger siblings, Leong and Nga. However the manner in which she and Tranh were taught to use their abilities, was far more perverse and invasive than others could ever imagine. Using others as puppets, using those puppets to assassinate targets for the North Korean government and then leaving them with no recollection of ever doing so, was a very cruel and calculating thing to do.

Naturally, when Xi'an began to correspond with Betsy Braddock, she learned of other means through which she could develop her mental abilities. Something less intrusive. Something to facilitate communication (from her per view) instead of outright possession. To explore other aspects of mental-related mutant abilities, something other than the controlling of one's mind. And so the lessons in telepathy began. At first, such practice rest solely with her younger siblings, and then with Tabor, all of whom were at Muir at that time. They were after all, the few who were willing to be guinea pigs in that regards. It was Tabor, and not Betsy who had first taught Xi'an about the notion of a team link, and that was something Xi'an made herself work on each time that she could. Only to find that many current and potential members of Excalibur didn't care for such things.

She had left Muir once, to get her younger siblings settled in a boarding school where they could be around other children their age, others who weren't mutants - just like them. But it was also to explore other avenues, because she had felt like she had walked into a wall. A dead end. She adored Muir. She adore Moira and enjoyed thoroughly the labs with Moira and Hank and the continued studies of genetics. However, those continued studies of genetics were not offering much insight in the realm of development in terms of telepathic abilities. And once again, she found herself staring at a dead-end. Xi'an was not the sort of person to complain. She understood very well what it was like to face hardship; however, even she found herself faced with a level of frustration with which she was uncertain of what to do.

After completing a lab, she jotted a note for Betsy, and slipped it under the woman's door. She wanted to focus more on lessons. And on lessons with people whom were willing to expand upon them with her. Before she felt like she needed to leave the one place she called home, once more.