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29 June 2007 @ 06:20 am
Security Level: Custom. Group: House of M.

I begin to understand just why I frustrate you so, Father. Was I that impatient, that chaotic at that age? Can comparisons even be made?

Watching the chaos grow here, almost, almost amuses me. There's the distinct feeling in the air. It's almost as if Mastermind were sowing seeds with his illusions, Exodus were heightening hatred, or a pheremone controller was here.

It is, of course, none of the above. Simple human emotion and disagreements, combined with misdeed and resentments. If there were anything to be gained by manipulation, now would be the time to do it. Pity I have no desire in this regard. All I can do is watch this little drama unfold, and watch them as I watch children squabble over who gets what toy in the sandbox. If you were here, Wanda, perhaps we could turn these things around. Without you, I cannot find it in myself to muster the patience to care. They cannot grow if they do not experience pain and deal with it on their own.

As I told you, Amelia. Teaching is a somewhat disappointing experience. The bulk of that which I have attempted to impart is falling upon deaf ears, although it would seem he is learning despite himself. If only for the sake of that redheaded gravity controller. I suppose I should take some small appreciation that the young man is at least beginning to realize he has a reason to learn what I am endeavoring to teach him.

He will not be like me. None of these children will. One or two has an idea of the proper cold heartedness necessary to face the world, or a glimmer of the ruthlessness necessary to accomplish your goals. They all are lacking those combined together, and not one of them seems to understand the most important thing. Even the perceptive young Miss Lang (who bears future watching) fails to grasp what motivates me.

I should not expect the youth of today to understand the concept of Duty. Perhaps a result of none of them having a family like ours, or that they simply do not care about things beyond themselves. No urges or thoughts towards a grander future for Homo-Superior. No burden of responsibility beyond that innately imbued by their gifts. No constantly being in the shadow of a man far greater then you, always spurned to try and prove yourself his equal or better - doomed to always fail. No, they do not understand.

Did you enjoy the paintings I sent as your Fathers Day gift, Father? Beautiful vibrant Hammer Bay, contrasted by the accompanying piece of Muir Island? Admittedly the one of Muir was my better work, but Cape Wrath and its' gloom leap readily to the canvas.

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