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05 September 2007 @ 03:41 pm
Trial: Final Witnesses  
Trial of Humanity.

Over the years people have begun to fear the Accusers. We are a brutal sub-section of the Kree Imperium. Charged with prosecuting our duties; the guilty of the galaxy, according to the law of the Imperium. We, the Imperium, believe that our laws are the Galaxy’s Laws. Through the many years of the institution of Accusers, only one has never lost a case. My name is Ronan, and I am that Accuser.

For the last several weeks the Court of the Celestial Heavens have debated heatedly over the facts presented to them. Across the pantheon from me, is a being known through out the cosmos as the All-Father. Even I, Ronan the Accuser, knew of the man's exploits. How he had once stood against the judgement of the Celestials, a second time he fought the Fires of the Phoenix. While perhaps not winning the battles, it is a testament to the worth of this man that yet still he stands. Yet still he serves over his people. He has stood the test of time, with the loss of only a single eye. How in the seven cosmos he managed that had once been beyond my ability to understand. Sitting there in his ancient throne styled seat, a flagon of mead half drank in one hand, while the other clings to a chop of mutton as if it were the revered Odinsphere. Yet during the course of this trial I have learned, undoubtably what countless others have: It is all an act. This kindly old fool is nothing of the sort. He lures you in with his apparent frailty of mind and soul, only to batter you with banter and bluster with such a ferocity that it leaves you to wish... perhaps, that he would instead hit you with the mutton.

His charade won him points, his guile won him prestige. Only now do I begin to understand the wisdom of the Supreme Intelligence placing me on this trial. Only I have a chance to defeat this man. The fate of the Universe rests upon my shoulders.

Court: Final Witnesses.

"As you have witnessed, the Humans cannot be trusted. In their hands is the fate of the Entire Universe, yet they do nothing. Faced with the prospect of the Crystal's overwhelming powers they do not move to destroy it. They flounder, here, even following their victory against the Imperial Guard. They sit. Awaiting for the witless Chitauri to open their ranks and take the crystal from them. Their inaction will be the death of everythi--..."


The word was but a whisper, but yet a single word has undone my arguements. "Nay? What do you mean Nay? They have done nothing! Weeks have passed, still they sit upon their secret. Captain Marvel, is one of the greatest heroes of the age, of any age, and yet when faced with the chance to enlist his aide, they hid their secrets away. They did not extent trust, they extended nothing but apathy! Their own bigotry has cost them a very powerful ally."

"I say, the, Nay."

"Perhaps," the voice of an accuser dropping to a maliciousness not previously seen. "The great and powerful one would do us the worthiness of an explanation...?"

I realize now, in retrospect, that he baited me in to giving him the floor. Because with all the swagger of prize fighter lumbering in to take a clubbing blow, Odin took the stage. "Nay, the Humans did not fail in their task. When faced with the improbable decisions, tis not it wisdom to do nothing? T' wait for a showin, a sign, to await wisdom t' guide them along the truer path?"

"Nay, tis not folly that lead the humans now. They are still a young race. Still prone t' mistakes and errors, we have all made mistakes. I object to them being held accountable for no less than all have done before. Lest you wish to hold a trial next for the ancient history of the Titans. There was a time when the Kree were not so knowledged as well. Where does the trials stop if we do not allow races to make mistakes. Nay. This has proven nothing!"

We all turned then to the tri-faced Tribunal. For a moment all is silent. Then our Judge speaks a single word: Continue.

"Very well, for my next witness I call to the stands....Blackagar Boltagon."
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ex_darqflame357 on September 6th, 2007 12:50 pm (UTC)
...this storyline reminds me a lot of a RP you and I once did. *Smile.*
Incubus Asylumincubusasylum on September 7th, 2007 11:34 pm (UTC)
I do believe that I shall take that as a compliment!