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10 June 2007 @ 01:55 am
Court is now in Session.

Over the years people have begun to fear the Accusers. We are a brutal sub-section of the Kree Imperium. Charged with prosecuting our duties; the guilty of the galaxy, according to the law of the Imperium. We, the Imperium, believe that our laws are the Galaxy’s Laws. Through the many years of the institution of Accusers, only one has never lost a case. My name is Ronan, and I am that Accuser.

Nearly six years ago I was contacted directly by the Supreme Intelligence, the ruler of my people, to a remote world in the Imperiums expansive regions. It was there that I was shown, by our people’s most exalted leader, the beginnings of the one trial that I could never afford to lose. There before me was an antiquated vessel, a pod really, smeared with human DNA. The planet on which the vessel crashed was a desolate one, but it had not always been so. Here on this planet life had one existed, a Kree colony world in fact. There had one been high hopes for this world to supplant the exhausted worlds in our core, to rejuvenate rich minerals and crops that were lost in our wars with the Chitauri. It was here, on this world that I was shown the greatest threat to my people: Humanity.

Not merely my people though. As my investigation progressed I was shown a wide mixture of this race’s failings. Left unabated these people would not destroy merely the Kree Imperium, but… all life as we knew it. The Surpreme Intelligence had known the conclusions that I would find, and knew the actions I would take.


“Esteemed members of the jury; Living Tribunal, Majestic Eternity, over the last several days you have witnessed these human’s actions.  You have seen how they reap death and destruction upon where ever they touch. You have bore witness to their plunder and pillage of a society. Their absolute failure to demonstrate any diplomacy. One of their own Leaders has clearly made known the fact that all who oppose him should be destroyed. Must we continue with this far--”


That would be the tone of objection from the being who opposes my case. His name is Odin, and he is supposedly a ‘god,’ for all the good manners he has demonstrated. Yet the opening of this trial showed me that his drunken exterior is nothing more than a careful facade. Despite being half inside his own flagon of mead, he has some wit for battle, and definitely treats this trial as War.

As the hulking one eyed man makes his objection known, I can only sneer with contempt, for I know that I under-estimated him once, but I shall not ever again. “Was not the death and destruction, Ron, speaketh of, wrought by one of his own? Tis not the human’s failure of diplomacy either, twas not that too attempted by non-Humans as well?”

Oh, my patience for this wretch are at an end.

Even as the Tribunal accepts the objection at face value, I have moved to my next piece. “Your honors, at this time I would like to make a motion to dismiss Odin as counsel. He is clearly bias, and has a personal stake in these proceedings. His son cavorts with Humanity even as we speak!”

Behind the one-eyed leader outrage soon consumes the court, but I am pleased, because this was all carefully planned. Before the Tribunal has even spoken, I know what his ruling shall be….
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